About the button…

About the button…

About the button…

The button is a small accessory of the garment that can significantly enhance it. Choosing one button or another can make your finish more or less noticeable. But this is not the issue to be addressed in this article.

What we are going to discuss is those aspects of the button to take into account when making a garment.

First you have to start by differentiating the type of button that will be used: holes, foot or pressure. Choosing one type or another is primarily a matter of design.

tipos de boton button types About the button


Second the size or line of the button. In this aspect it must be taken into account that the measurement of the button has to be consistent with the measure of button extension of the garment. That has not to overlap from the crossing or that is not displaced from it.

medida de boton cruce de prenda button measurement Button extension ingles


Once decided the type of button and the line the next is to decide how to fix the button to the garment.

If the button is sewn

  • Sewn by hand: Make a finishing knot at the end of the seam.
  • By Machine: Select stitch type, number of stitches per cycle, title and thread color. Make a safety stitch at the end of the cycle. Keep in mind that depending on what type of stitch the button is chosen, it will be unzipped with more or less ease. It is not the same to use a chain stitch than a double chain stitch (see button machine).

About the button Acerca del botón

2 About the button Acerca del botón

3 About the button Acerca del botón

  • If it has to be sewn with thread shank. In the case of thick fabrics it is advisable to sew the button with foot.

1-7 medida boton cosido measurement button attaching ingles

  • If it is necessary to place an anchor button.

medida boton refuerzot button anchor attaching stem about the button


Snap button

Decide if you are going to use a snap button seen or not seen.
Test what type of reinforcement or interlining place the garment if required.

In all cases check that the button:

If it is free of banned substances, or complies with the REACH community regulation.
Check that the material does not have burrs that can damage the fabric.

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