Cutting room, space, machinery and organization

Cutting room, space, machinery and organization

Cutting room, space, machinery and organization

We can say that the production of a style begins with the cutting room. For this reason the cutting room must have a space, machinery and organization according to it production.

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The physical space occupied by the cutting room must be between 100 and 70% as occupied by the sewing room. Depending on the clothing type that is made, the space needs will be bigger or smaller. For example, the spread of knit fabric requires a longer relaxation time than woven. So it will require more available space at the cutting tables.

In addition to cutting tables space occupied, another must be added for the storage of the of fabric pieces to be cut.


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About the machinery of the cutting room, the essentials to take into account are the type of Spreading machine used. And the type of cutting tool used. If the cutting is done by manual tool, with Round knife or Straight knife machine, it will not be as precise as if an automatic cutting machine. The manual cut is liable to lose precision in the pieces dimensions. On the other hand, automatic cutting machine provides the best warranty and cutting efficiency.


Cutting process

The organization must take into account if an inspection of the fabric is done. With which you can discard the colour or fabric defects before its spreading. Normally the tissue inspection is done in the storage room. If after the spreading fabric relaxation time is respected. If it is not done, the dimensions of the pieces can be lost. The tissue can contract at the cutting time.

The type of spreading process is done for cut the marker making directly influences the quality of cut and therefore the quality of the finished garment. Like the type of marker making done. Once the marker has been cut, it is also necessary to take into account how the bundlings are organized and ticketing.

The ticketing allows to identify the different pieces of a size. At the same time as their position inside the different layers of fabric. If only the package is labelled, mixing pieces from one layer or another is not avoided. With what can produce differences of colour between the different pieces of the garment. Another factor to consider is how the pieces are bundling:

  • By package. The pieces are placed on a woven piece and tied in a package. They are wrinkled throughout the entire process. The placement of the piece on the mattress is not preserved.
  • Bundling in cart. The pieces are placed in cars allowed for transport. It helps to preserve the order of the pieces and to avoid wrinkling or staining throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Conclusion the key points of a cutting room are:

  • Physical space of the room between 70 and 100% of that of the dressing room.
  • Machinery: Spreading machine and Cutting tool.
  • Organization: Information of the cutting order. Fabric inspection. Fabric relaxation time. Type of spreading and marked used. Ticketing and type of bundling. Rejection system implemented in the room.

Other factors to take into account in the organization is how the content of the cutting order. If it is sufficient, clear and precise. And how the task are managed, either for the fabric defects on the spreading fabric or on cut pieces. How the rejection circuit is organized so that its withdrawal from the production process is guaranteed.

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