Drop in fashion, it doesn’t ring a bell

Drop in fashion, it doesn’t ring a bell

Drop in fashion is a term, used in both Spanish and English, which expresses a basic concept in clothing associated to anthropometry. With the value given to the drop we can represent the different morph types of man or woman. Let’s see how.

Description of Drop in fashion

In men’s clothing the Drop in fashion represents the difference between the chest and the waist in the size.


Drop in fashion hombre man


However, for women, it expresses the difference between hip and chest (chest).


drop in fasion mujer woman


In pattern design the anatomical measurements are worked with the total contour value divided by two. A drop of 8 will correspond to an athletic men morphology. Or what is the same for a suit jacket in size 50 where chest contour is 100cm. it corresponds a 84 cm of waist.

On the other hand, for a man with a regular morphology, with a Drop 2. For the same size, with the same chest contour will correspond a waist of 96cm.

drop in fasion hombre man americana suit jacket


In the case of a woman suit jacket we would talk about that for a size 38. With a maximum 92 cm. chest contour in a young woman it will require a Drop-2, or what is the same, a hip contour of 96cm.

However, a woman with a more mature body for same size will be a suit jacket with a Drop -4, or a hip circumference of 100cm.


Artículo 3 Drop mujer woman americana suit jacket


In conclusion, with the Drop we express the physical different complexions for the same size.

Its value can be positive or negative.


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