How to check the quality of the zipper

How to check the quality of the zipper

How to check the quality of the zipper

The zipper is a very common trimming used in clothing. It is used to close all kinds of garments, from a jacket to a trouser, a skirt, a shirt, etc … And because it is such a used trimming, it is good to know the 8 key points for checking the quality of the zipper.

Regardless of the type of zipper, metal, coil or vislon, we can make the following checks.

Check zipper quality

cremallera comprobar calidad Resistencia lateral. Check zipper quality Lateral resistanceLateral resistance

This test measures the strength of the zipper tape. The lateral resistance is taken on about 2.5cm. of the zipper tape. At 90 degrees of the elements of the zipper and on both sides pressure at the same time. This check is about determining the strength of the ordinary zipper. Method: With the zipper closed, a pressure is applied at a right angle to the belt in both directions.

cremallera comprobar calidad de la Resistencia lateral del tope inferior Lateral resistance of the bottom stop in zipper qualityLateral resistance of the bottom stop

The resistance of the bottom stop of the closed or open zipper is checked. It is taken on the tape at the height of the zipper stops. A pressure is applied at 90 degrees from the stop and on both sides.

cremallera comprobar calidad de la sujección superior. Slider holding capacity in zipper checking qualitySlider holding capacity

For check the slider resistance. Hold the zipper at the bottom, pull the slider and drag to the top stop. The fixing resistance is measured by pulling the handle firmly.

cremallera comprobar calidad de la sujección tope inferior. Holding capacity of the lower area for check zipper qualityHolding capacity of the lower area

The strength of the lower stop and the elements of the zipper are checked. Drag the slider down to the lower stop opening the teeth in opposite directions.

cremallera comprobar calidad de bloqueo del cursor. Check Lock slider capability of the zipperLock slider capability

In this case, the resistance capacity of the interior blocking elements of the slider is measured. Slide the slider towards the centre of the zipper opening the rest towards the ends.

cremallera comprobar calidad de resistencia del tiradorPuller resistance

The puller capacity is measured by applying a force at 90º and 45º with respect to the slider.

3-7 cremallera zipper tester testeo comprobacion checkingElement resistance

To check the resistance of the zipper teeth. It is done by applying a force at 90 ° of the tooth of the rack.

The REACH legislation of the European Community that affects the chemical substances related to the zippers are:

  • Lead
  • Heavy metals
  • Nickel
  • Phthalate
  • Azos dyes

In addition, the zipper must be resistant to the corrosion and be free of burrs and edges.

The size of the zipper

Finally take into account the weight of the fabric when choosing the size of the zipper. It is not consistent to use a big size zipper on a thin fabric or vice versa.

Size zipper according to the thickness of the fabric zipper

Taking into account that according to the type of zipper the mesh has one measure or another

Size of the zipper

As we said, the zipper is a trimming with a complex structure. Therefore, it is appropriate verify its quality before deciding to use one or other. A few simple checks can avoid serious problems in both production and service to our customers.

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