Production capacity of a factory

Production capacity of a factory

Production capacity of a factory

Know how to evaluate the production capacity of a factory is important. Know if the factory is suitable for make our production. Because the production capacity is connect with the production time. About time required to carry out our order. Making mistakes in our assessment can be decisive when it comes to having the model in store on time.

Know the production capacity of the factory will allow you assess if it is ready to meet your order in the agreed time for it manufacturing.


But how to calculate production capacity?

Data for calculating production capacity of a factory

For calculate the factory production capacity we have to take into account the following data.

  1. Total number of machines the factory has. Or number of machines allocated for our production.
  2. The number of hours the factory works daily.
  3. Percentage of factory efficiency.
  4. SAM minutes assigned to the style.

With this data we can calculate the productive capacity in the following way.

Formulas for calculating


Number of machines X working hours X 60 Minutes X efficiency % = Total minutes per day


Total minutes Day/SAM assigned to Garment = number of Garments per Day



Let’s say we’re going to produce a shirt with an assigned 25-minute SAM.

  • The factory we are valuing has four lines of 25 machines each line. That means it has 100 machines in total.
  • The factory works 8-hour per day.
  • With an efficiency of 60%

The calculation we have to make is as follows:

100 Machines X 8 hours = 800 hours        800 hours X 60 minutes = 48,000 minutes

48.000 minutes X 60% efficiency = 28.800 minutes

28.800 minutes/25 minutes SAM per piece = 1.152 shirts per day

As a summary

Keep in mind that this calculation can vary depending on the factory efficiency or the learning curve of the first days of production.

The basic calculation is on the sewing capacity. However, it will not be too much take into account also the capacity of other aspects of production. As are the cut room or laundry.

This is a basic numerical analysis. We can use it to know if the supplier we are analysing has the production capacity we need. In a next article, we will analyse what qualitative considerations have to be taken in addition to these.

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