Qualitative selection of a supplier

Qualitative selection of a supplier

Qualitative selection of a supplier

Today we consider how make a qualitative selection of a supplier capacity for the manufacturing of our collection. In a previous article, we talked about how to evaluate the production capacity of a supplier. The production capacity is an evaluation based on the number of machines and total hours of work. However, how to qualitatively evaluate a provider? At the same number of machines and hours/work, which one can be better? This is another important aspect to keep in mind when we look for a supplier or factory for make our style.

For which reason we have to focus in other aspects of the factory, as they are the organization of the different sections of it. How they are organized and equipped. In addition to analysing in what degree, they fit the type of garment we want to manufacture.

Qualitative selection of a supplier

Cutting room

On the cutting room we have already spoken in other articles.

Sewing Room

The sewing room hold 50-70% of the production time of a style. How it is prepared and organized depends largely on the success of our production. That the garment it has to be manufacture will conform to the standards that we have marked. For do this we have to evaluate the different aspects of the sewing room.

General room appearancePlan of the roomflow of passage

  • The management of the work areas. The distribution of workplace allows to materials and workers a movement flow.
  • Who runs the sewing room:
    • Degree of training.
    • Attitude inside the room.
    • What style information he has.
    • Which quality control it has established?


  • It has a system for collecting rejected pieces.
  • Or has a garment handling system.
  • Level of cleanliness.

The workstationWorkstation distribution

  • Types of Sewing Machine:
    • Do it has the types of machines required for garment it has to be produce?
    • As is in type and number of machines.
  • Level of Machine Equipment:
    • Automatic thread cutter
    • Alaso automatic threading
    • Automatic lubrication
    • Etc…
  • Level of sewing machine maintenance
    • It has sewing machine mechanic
    • The worker has to do a daily maintenance.
  • The workstation distribution
    • Side table
    • How it pick up finished pieces
    • Lighting

Pressing room

pressing room

Equipment of the presing room

  • Tables for end checking
  • The tables for folding
  • How is order of the packaging material?
  • It has a space for hanging ironed clothes
  • Level of automation of the room

Organization of the room

  • The pressing type is adapted to the type of garment we are going to produce.
  • The work sequences in the room are coherent.
  • Room capacity in garments per day. It is consistent with the sewing capacity.

Type of pressing machine

  • Manual
  • Steam iron
  • Vacuum table
  • Form pressing
  • Steam tunnel

Not only is the production capacity of a factory important. It is also as it is prepared to do the production we want. A factory with a high production capacity but with a low quality of work can be an inadequate selection for our production.

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