The drape fabric, something more than a question of hand

The drape fabric, something more than a question of hand

A very habitual gesture to evaluate the drape fabric is to take it in the hand and to close mildness the fist. Observe how we fill it in our hand. Next will be raise it and drop it foe check how it flows. With both actions we are considering in a very intuitive way the properties of the fabric. How will it performance be in the garment? If it will be appropriate for the style we are considering doing.

Between these properties we are evaluating one of the most important is the drape fabric. According to British Standard BS 5058-1973, it is: «the degree to which a fabric is deformed when allowed to hang freely by its own weight».

A fabric will has more drape when more flow it shows and it forms more pleats as when it is hang. And it will have less how much stiffer and less drape it shows.

The drape fabric

drape fabric fashion industry garment

This mechanical property of fabric is gave to it in function of different factors that conform the fabric. From its composition, the fabric wave, its weight, elasticity or ability to recover the wrinkle.

To collect the differences of the different types of tissues in a graphic form, the following graphic is shown.


The drape fabric according fabric type


From the more or less successful criteria used to choose the fabric will be the final result when we done the garment, such as a dress or a skirt. And the final result will depend of it.

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