The sewing thread, that humble partner

The sewing thread, that humble partner

The sewing thread is a humble component of the garment. Its cost is low regarding the total of the garment. It only represents 1 or 1.5% of the total consumption of materials. On the other hand, their contribution to the final result of it is much more important. A proper choice of sewing thread is decisive to obtain a good finish. Let’s see how.

The properties of the sewing thread directly affect in the sewing. In the firts place, the thread strength must be taken into account. This feature together with the thread number and the stitch type make a seam more or less resistant. In the same way a sewing thread can provide more or less elasticity, or more or less comfortability to the seam. Another important feature is the regularity and ability of stitching of the sewing thread. These will make the stitching obtained more regular and that no breakage occurs in the sewing process.

Other trait to also take into account are his resistance or not to dyeing, chemicals or to shrinkage.

The properties of the sewing thread are given by its composition, structure and type of final finishing.

Its composition depends on the fibre type or fibres used in its preparation. The qualities and characteristics of the fibre will be transferred to the yarn. Being the most commonly used fibres: cotton, silk, polyester and polyamide.

The structure of the thread also gives it properties. The structure is the way in which the fibres organize themselves to form a filament. This can be single-strand, multifilament, cut fibre, coated yarn or textured yarn.

The sewing thread hilo de coser

Single yarna, ply yarn or cord yarn

And if these filaments form a single yarn or a single yarn of a ply yarn, or a cord yarn of one or more ply yarn.

The sewing thread torsion hilo twist singling reverse

And finally the type of finishing is very varied but the main ones are bleaching, mercerizing, gassed, lubricating or glazed.

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